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I think this was in response to my hosting strangers at my house and I’m pretty sure it’s not Toast because we had a separate ~conversation about it.

I can’t say no. My mom made sure of that, which pisses me off. She also completely brushes off my stress and anxiety which only pisses me off more.

She frames it as “it’ll be so fun and exciting and they’re going to pay you so you’re just basically going to go for free! You’ll just be buying beers left and right! Um, no. I’ll be paying off debt and you know…bills. The bills that will be paying for the extra gas and electric that will be used with FIVE EXTRA PEOPLE.

So here is the scenario: my mom and brother were already coming to stay with me. Cool, just the three of us, family, don’t have to clean, plenty of space. THEN she calls me and tells me these people she knows’ plans to stay somewhere else fell through because that person didn’t tell her mom she was going and her mom planned a surprise party for her now she can’t go. So of course I have to let them stay with me because a hotel or airbnb would be insanely expensive.

When I ask her how many people, she says 5. I say oh okay just three more. No…five MORE…so including me…EIGHT FUCKING PEOPLE. I HAVE A ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT. She’s all it’s fine these are my friend’s and their daughters (18-20) so they won’t even be partying or anything. OH OKAY SURE RIGHT CUZ NOTHING ELSE COULD GO WRONG.

So I’m like look, 8 people on 1 bathroom/shower schedule…uh…and space for all the beds plus their crap…not to mention my cat…wtf. SHE KEEPS BRUSHING IT ASIDE. She even went to far as to suggest I stay with Alex. YEAH THAT WILL MAKE ME FEEL BETTER, HAVING STRANGERS AT MY HOUSE WHEN I’M NOT THERE. Fuck man. So I tell her that everyone is on my schedule, no one can leave after me or get back to my apartment before me, I’m not giving anyone keys or leaving anything late/early to accommodate.

A part of me thinks this was her plan all along and she waited until the last minute because she knew I couldn’t say no then, but before I would protest. My mom is great most of the time, but she is also a manipulative person, so I wouldn’t put it past her.

My friends advice was to just stay drunk the whole weekend, which according to my mom shouldn’t be a problem.


Being alive is getting really expensive

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You really wanna know the truth?

I am pissed at my boyfriend’s bandmate for being fucking irresponsible and telling everyone they booked the gig but then didn’t actually and I already sold my Lolla ticket so now he can’t come with me and you know what? I really wanted to spend an entire weekend with my boyfriend because I haven’t been able to do that in over a month.

I am pissed at these bridesmaids that all of a sudden don’t have any money to spend when money wasn’t an issue just a few short weeks ago and now want to ask guests to BYOB to the shower and I’m like LOLnope. Don’t agree to be a bridesmaid if you can’t go all in.

I am pissed that I can’t go to Austin because I’ve had unexpected expenses come up this year and I can tell Alex is disappointed even though he says he’s not. I just feel like a shit girlfriend all around lately. I’m not in a good place and that makes me unavailable to be there for him how he needs it.

I burst into tears out of nowhere last night because of the stress I’m under right now. I’m ready for this year to be over. I’m ready for a new start. I don’t know if 2015 is going to be any better, but at least I can have hope that it will be.

my leggings just arrived and it is taking everything I have not to put them on right now

Oops, I took a selfie on accident.

Oops, I took a selfie on accident.

uptowngirl said: Does it make you sad that you're going to lose $20 to me in fantasy football? Do you have any future names picked out for your hypothetical children/cats? If so, what are they? Do you have any phobias?


KIDS LISA REALLY?! I have some solid cat names picked out: Jenkins, Everdeen, Jewel, Fiona. I also have a shitton of dog names, they really should just let me name all the incoming dogs at the shelter. Here is a sampling: Kingston, Sawyer, Elwood, Calvin. Okay that’s enough free names for you.

How do phobias work? Like do you have to be actually diagnosed or these are full-on self diagnosed? Because i have arachnophobia. What is the phobia for slow lines at the grocery store? Or the phobia of other people bagging my groceries? Those things make me highly anxious.

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Remember that one time you signed up for a tumblr LADIES fantasy football league. That was fun.

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curtncurly said: Guurl whatchudoin this weekend? Are your nails or toes painted right now? If so, what colors? What is the first beverage you'll have after work today?

So this weekend is an event for my running group we’ve been planning for MONTHS. I’ve been ready to have it OVER WITH but today I’m actually excited. Tonight is a “euro trash” themed bar crawl, tomorrow is a “viva la france” themed run and then sunday is a “french toasted” hangover trail/brunch/cookout. The theme of the weekend is “Le Tour de PoP” hence all the french themed shit.

Went and got a mani/pedi after the RnR Half just for the massage chair and foot massage. So right now I’m wearing Essie Russian Roulette on my fingers and Essie Butler Please on my toes!

First beverage will probably be a Vodka Soda…refreshing! (sorry prego)

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briefwondrouslaura said: tell me about your cat! and what is one song you're really into right now?

Gatsby is a riot, but I wouldn’t have him any other way. When I was looking to adopt, I wanted a cat that was playful and cuddly and I found both in Gatsby.

He can be a little high-maintenance with his playtime - I have to carve out time when I’m home to make sure I play with him so he’ll be satisfied. I can’t use the laser though because he gets really paranoid about it. When I don’t have it out, he gets jumpy and looks for it all over - so that’s reserved for special occasions.

Alternatively, he still likes to cuddle up. He always greets me at the door and hops up onto the bed and demands belly rubs and cheek scratches. He knows when it’s time for bed and isn’t a wild cat in the middle of the night.

He’s a little crazy with his litter box, I still haven’t figured out how to not have it go all over the place (I have a covered box and a giant mat and it still gets everywhere) but he’s never pooped outside of it.

All in all, I’m so glad he found me, but here is a picture of him being a menace: image

This is his new thing, he takes the book off the book shelf (and doesn’t even put them back).

Oh and the song on repeat right now is Flaws by Bastille. I can’t stop listening to it (and I won’t stop).