Do you see what I mean?!

I’m not even sorry.

Do you see what I mean?!

I’m not even sorry.

If anyone ever asks you do to a slide show presentation for their wedding, just say no.


Why does the tumblr app hate Instagram all of a sudden?

We are learning that men see more penises than ladies with all their gym class years meesh-ofalltrades

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Seriously you guys, how can you resist this?

Seriously you guys, how can you resist this?

Time to get white and nerdy.

Time to get white and nerdy.

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Anonymous said: Would you ever marry Al?

This is both a surprising and strange question I received this weekend.

In February, my cousin was nagging me about this same thing. We hadn’t even been dating a year yet so told her I hadn’t even thought about it.

I used to think that after a year of being together, you should know, because a year gives you the whole picture of this person. But it’s been almost a year and a half and I don’t know.

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought about it now, especially given all the planning around my best friend’s wedding, it makes you think about those things. I don’t know if I want to spend the rest of my life with Alex, but what I do know is that I don’t want what we have to end.

Do I want to be married someday? Yes. I just don’t think I’m ready to be married right now. Does it worry me that I don’t know? Of course it does, especially when there are societal pressures everywhere I look. I know I’m not getting any younger, but there is no reason to rush my life decisions based on what other people “my age” are doing.

I understand the value in assessing a relationship to make sure you’re not wasting your time in a dead-end relationship with someone who doesn’t share your same plans, values, ideals, etc. This would be a different issue if I was ready to be married but he wasn’t and I was sticking around waiting for him to change. Things are great as they are and until they’re not, I’m not going to worry about it.

"It’s messing people up, this social pressure to “find your passion” and “know what it is you want to do”. It’s perfectly fine to just live your moments fully, and marvel as many small and large passions, many small and large purposes enter and leave your life. For many people there is no realization, no bliss to follow, no discovery of your life’s purpose. This isn’t sad, it’s just the way things are. Stop trying to find the forest and just enjoy the trees."

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I was tagged by tinysongbirds last week but had a busy Friday/weekend so I’m just now getting to it - sorry!

Name: Stephanie
Nickname: Steph, Babe, Docks, MC, Nanie
Birthday: May 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: On the regular
Height: 5’7.5
Time zone: Central
What time and date is it there: 3:06 p.m. on September 15, 2014
Average hours of sleep I get a night: 6-8 hours
Last thing I Googled was: calories in lou malnati’s pizza (do yourself a favor and don’t look)
Most used phrase(s): Ugh
First word that comes to mind: Wedding
What I last said to a family member: Drive safe
One place that makes me happy and why: The Whirlaway, it’s the first time I’ve ever been a regular somewhere, walking in and being greeted by my name, it just feels like home.
How many blankets I sleep under: 1 sheet, 1 duvet
Favorite beverage(s):  wine, coffee, vodka
Last movie I watched in the cinemas: Get On Up
Three things I can’t live without: cats, pizza, laughter
A piece of advice to all my followers: Never trust a man who won’t dance with you.
You all have to listen to this song: The Beauty Surrounds by Houses, mostly because I want you to listen to all of their stuff.

Garth Brooks.

We didn’t have good seats by any means, but that didn’t stop me from taking a ton of photos. It was my first time at Allstate Arena and so I didn’t even know how small it was (comparably to things like the UC/Tinley/Soldier, etc.) so even having far back seats, you could still have a good view of everything. Plus, when you’re at Garth Brooks, who cares where you sit?!

It was amazing and I can’t even put it into words. I cried several times. It was fun being at his last show of the Chicago leg. Not a seat was empty, not a person was sitting. I’m a little bummed he didn’t play Standing Outside the Fire, but I’ll forgive him I guess considering he has a bajillion songs in his catalog.

To say I’m exhausted today would be an understatement.

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